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  • RELIABLE BIOTECH COMPANY LTD. has come into existence in the year 2010 and it has been registered under the companies Act, 1956 Following is the list of activities undertaken by the company
  • To convert the non productive/barren land into the productive land
  • To add the value of the growing orchard using sprinkler system and Drip Irrigation.
  • To develop the Herbal farming
  • To sell the land after value addition
  • Immigration and Visa work which offers lucrative benefits in the wake of globalization.
  • To purchase the land at cheaper prices and in the prospective area and to convert the same into the residential colony, commercial complexes and to sell the land if it is so beneficial with foreseeing the city and the country and the would-be policy of the with super visionary mind.
  • To undertake civil construction work including roads involving a huge outlay using modern technology and in consonance with the international standards.
  • Company is creating the necessary infrastructure to commence the mining of granite and iron ore.
Company Profile given at a glance! After globalization, the economic scenario of the country has entirely changed. Thus not only the Companies and Industries but Investors as well have to explore and utilize the sources and opportunities available to them to invest in the changed scenario. Traditional investment avenues like saving accounts and fixed deposits are not very remunerative.

The bank rate of interest have been reducing and they are bound to follow the same trend in the years to come, thus the investors are now hesitant to deposit their money in the banks as the yield is not as attractive as it used to be. With increasing rate of inflation, net benefit over the saved principle is neutralized.

The investors are now in a dilemma as to where to invest so that their hard earned money fetches good returns. Of course, there are opportunities for investment in the share/stock but the market is prone to erratic fluctuations and is very fragile. It looks risky and unsafe to go for investment in the shares, equity, commodity, mutual fund, stocks. SomeČtimes, the capital of the investors gets vanished. If any investor dares to invest in the share market, he has to be in constant touch with the market dynamics to take the right investment decision and switch the stocks according to the market in the mean time. Further, the investment in the Bullion Market is not very paying though in short span, the gold prices have increased historiČcally but there is least chance for further increase.

Keeping all the things into consideration a very wise, research based decision regarding the investment becomes the most crucial and determining thing.

To resolve the investor's problem we introducing an ultimate planing for the future and the investor's where an investor gets glorious return of his investment with security of his paid amount. There is no lapsation of invested money with our company.
SECURE INVESTMENT: - Investment of investor is fully secure, as he is given a Land Registration according to his consideration amount (it consist 50% Land Cost and 50% Land Development Cost). In this regard, they also get Land allotment letter after subscription of 50% installment within a reasonable time not exceeding 180 days where Installment Payment Plan opted. And where Cash Down Payment Plan opted land shall be allotted after receipt of full payment within in a reasonable time not exceeding 365 days.
No lapse if the customer discontinues Opt out facility is available to customer the deposit amount will be pad on expiry of agreement Secured investment as the money will primarily be invested in the land. Compensation to the customer in case of accidental death. Return on the investment will be comparatively higher.
Welcome to Reliable Biotech Company Ltd.
A Pioneer Biotech, Real Estate & Infrastructure Company

Welcome to Reliable Biotech Company Ltd.
A Pioneer Biotech, Real Estate & Infrastructure Company
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