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Ques. 1. Whether the Company falls within the ambit of R.B.I? If yes, whether CRR and SLR are maintained?
Ans. No, because the Com[any is neither engaged in banking sector nor in any financing work. So the Company has not to maintain CRR or SLR.
Ques. 2. Then what your Company and whether the functions of the Company are regulated by the any Govt. Body?
Ans. The Company is primarily engaged in Real Estate and Civil & Road Construction work and the Company is a Limited Company, registered under the Companies Act. 1956 and the Corporate Identity No. U74140DL2010PLC207579 has been issued by the ministry of Corporate Affairs, Govt. of India So the Company cannot be liquidated unless and until all the liabilities of the Company are fully cleared.
Ques. 3. Whether the plot will be allotted where the customer resides?
Ans. No, The Customer may be allotted the plot which can be located in any part of the country, However, the Company tries to allot the plot to the Customer within the state he/she resides and tries that it is within a radius of 200 KMs.
Ques. 4. Whether one plot will be issued to two customers?
Ans. No.
Ques. 5. Whether the Customer will be allowed to see the allotted plot?
Ans. Yes, the Company will show you the allotted plot within one month from the receipt of written request.
Ques. 6. Whether the money invested in the Company is safe?
Ans. Since a major part of the funds invested in the Company, are invested in the Real Estate. The history proves that value of money invested in the real estate never goes down and the monev is safe and gives assured and lucrative returnover period of time.
Ques. 7. Whether the Company is engaged in Real Estate only or there are other activities of the Company?
Ans. The Company is indulged in diverse activities road & civil construction, herbal farming, impartin engineering and medical education, Immigration.
Ques. 7. Why all the disputes arising between the Company and the Customer, Company and the Advisor are settled at Moradabad.
Ans. As the Company is having its Head Office at Moradabad and the Law Officers are sitting in Head Office. Moreover. The statutory records are also kept in the Head Office.
Welcome to Reliable Biotech Company Ltd.
A Pioneer Biotech, Real Estate & Infrastructure Company

Welcome to Reliable Biotech Company Ltd.
A Pioneer Biotech, Real Estate & Infrastructure Company
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