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Objective The Company is set to boost its growth by practically implementing novel ideas, utilizing already available natural and human resources but with update technology, ensuring a huge capital gains, beneficial for both the Company and the Investors and at the same time, paving way for achieving the national goal of self-dependence.
The Company is already undertaking projects like purchasing unproductive/barren land and converting it into the productive land. These type of projects and other similar ventures will generate a huge income as the productive land will fetch a good market price. Otherwise also, the same land can be used for herbal farming or orchard farming, which has sure shot good yield, thus increasing the profitability of the Company.
The company is also well aware of its social responsibility therefore all the undertakings of the company take special care of protection of environment, employment generation, education, reduction in regional inequality, thus ensuring corporate social responsibility.
About the Company To rescue the Investors from such an acute position, the RELIABLE Biotech Company Limited. has come with innovative ideas in the form of various investment plans and policies to provide safety and to ensure huge returns of the investment of the investor. The Company has not restricted itself to a single activity, but it has various plans in its bucket to generate maximum profit to the investors who invest their money in the Company. The company, under the guidance of their Directors and after extensive research of the market has explored innovative avenues for investment, which ensure lucrative returns over period of time.
Development of barren land and convert it into agriculture land : land which is not being utilized either because it is barren or if there is problem of water logging in the area the land becomes unfit for agricultural purposes. 1/3rd part of the total land of the country comprises of such an unproductive land. Such unproductive land is available at throw away prices and the Company generates good capital gain by way of conversion this unproductive land into productive land (using the technology of drip irrigation and sprinkle farming) and after value addition to the land the profit is earned on it.
This is one example of how the company is indulged in diversified activities aiming at maximization of the profit and hence trickling down the benefits to the investors as well.
Real Estate : It's undoubtedly a booming sector. Especially having an advisor base of all over the country, it becomes really easy and profitable to carry on this investment venture. we are trying to offer best of the facilities and infrastructure at an affordable price.
Road and Civil Construction : Under this the company engaged to undertake projects in road construction.
To put it in brief Following is the list of activities to be carry by the company:
- To convert the non-productive/barren land into the productive land
- To add the value of the land by growing orchard using Sprinkler System and Drip Irrigation.
- To develop the Herbal farming
- To sell the land after value addition
- To set up any establishment for imparting engineering and medical education
- Immigration and Visa work which offers lucrative benefits in the wake of globalization.
- To purchase the land at cheaper prices and in the prospective area and to convert the same into the residential colony, commercial complexes and to sell the land if it is so beneficial with foreseeing the situation in the city and the country and the would-be Policy of the Govt. with super visionary mind.
- To undertake civil construction work including roads involving a huge outlay using modern technology and in consonance with the International standards
- Company is creating the necessary infrastructure to commence the mining of granite and iron ore.
Welcome to Reliable Biotech Company Ltd.
A Pioneer Biotech, Real Estate & Infrastructure Company

Welcome to Reliable Biotech Company Ltd.
A Pioneer Biotech, Real Estate & Infrastructure Company
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