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1. Customer must be a citizen of India
2. Amount of Rs. 50,000/- or more will be accepted through cheques
3. All cheques, demand drafts and banker cheques must be issued and drawn in favour of the company and should be Payee's Account only
4. The registration of the Customers in the plan will commence only from the day the cheques/demand drafts/banker cheques are encashed.
5. The bank charges in the cases where the amount of the cheque/demand draft is less than Rs.1000/- the same will be recovered from the customer concerned. Further, in case of dishonour of the cheque, the charges in this regard will be recovered form the customer concerned.
6. Investments by minors will be accepted through their Guardians and the KYC documents and signatures of guardians will be required in such cases.
7. The Company may reject any application for investment in the company without assigning any reason.
8. The Company will not give any separate intimation to the customers in case of any delay in the deposit of the installments. The customers will be liable to pay the penalty for the delayed period in making the payment of the installment.
9. The payment of maturity amount will made within fifteen days.
10. In case, the Installment data falls due on a Sunday or any holiday, the next working day will be considered as the due date. 11. On maturity of plan, the original certificate and the receipts will have to be surrendered to the Company.
12. The Company may consider the request of the Customer for the revival of the Instalment payment Plan in case the customer pays the penalty and completes the requisite formalities.
13. The application and requests in the prescribed formats will only beaccepted.
14. In case of acceptance of revival of plan of any customer, in that event, the accidental death benefit will be applicable after 60 days.
15. Printed stationery and forms will be supplied by the Company.
16. English version of the printed material of the Company will prevail in case there is any ambiguity in the meaning of the material printed of other languages.
17. The Customer will deposit the amount in cash only in the Branches and will get the receipts and He/she himself/herself will be responsible if he/she hands over the cash amount to the Advisors or anybody else and the Company will not be held responsible. However, in case of payee's account cheques or drafts drawn in favour of the company, the same can be sent to the Branch through the advisors also.
18. The Customer will intimate the Home Branch of the Company if there is any change in his address or in bank account detail.
19. That the Company may implement new plans and may stop the old plans or modify the old Plans.
20. That if there is any dispute over any matter between the Customer and the Company, in the event, all the decisions will taken by the Arbitrator so appointed and his decision will be binding upon the parties.
21. The jurisdiction for all matters and disputes arising between the Customer and the company, will be of Moradabad (U.P.).
         In case of accidental or natural death of a customer, all plans will continue except for Instalment payment plan. In IPP, 100% amount so deposited by the customer will be refunded to the legal representatives or nominee after deducting the expenses (as applicable in opting out case) and statutory deductions. The interest @6% per annum on the payable amount will also be paid from the date of commencement of plan till the date of payment.
         The installment in IPP are required to be paid on the due dates to get the maximum benefits. However, the Company at its own discretion gives the grace period of 30 days in the payment of the installment of modes (Y/HLY/QLY) and 15 days in monthly mode. If the payment of the due installment is not made even within the grace period, then defaulting Customer will have to pay 20% as penalty per installment per annum.
         In case any Customer fails to make the payment of installments for consecutive 12 months, then his plan will get lapsed. In case he/she is interested for the revival of this lapsed plan, he will have to make a written request to the company within a year from the date of lapse, provided he/she has not received the opt-out money, It would be within the discretion of the Company either to accept or reject the request for the revival of the lapsed plan. In case of acceptance of request, the customer concerned will have to pay 20% of the unpaid installment amount (i.e. 15% on account of interest on unpaid installment amount and 5% on account of penalty.)
         Any customer has freedom to choose any method of payment (M/Q/HY/Y) in IP Plan and during the plan period he can also change the mode of payment as per Company Rules. For e.g. a customer wish to change the mode of payment from monthly to half yearly he can but before this he has to pay Installments equal to half year payment.
        The Company offers nomination facility at the time of entry into a plan and the customer is at liberty to give the name of any person as his Nominee in the Application From. But if nominee is minor then the has to appoint an appointee in this case.
        In case the Customer has misplaced the original certificate new certificate will not issue to the customer, The company will issue only the copy of the same available in the record of the company duly certified by the Branch Head, on payment of Rs. 30/ and on furnishing of Indemnity Bond.
        The maturity amount will be paid by way of payee's account cheque on the expiry of the Plan period on the surrender of the original Certificate duly discharged. In case, the customer does not make any claim within three years of the expiry of the plan period, he will lose his right over the same.
        There are several Plans of the Company which cater to the needs o fall types of Customers viz. farmers, retired persons, salaried class and professionals. The Company in vests the money of the Customers in the Sector which ultimately gives good yield and growth over a period of time, assuring safety of the investment at the sometime.
Welcome to Reliable Biotech Company Ltd.
A Pioneer Biotech, Real Estate & Infrastructure Company

Welcome to Reliable Biotech Company Ltd.
A Pioneer Biotech, Real Estate & Infrastructure Company
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